1.00/each bottled water
2.15/each bottled juices (15 oz.)
1.95/each bottled soda (20 oz.)
1.05/each canned soft drinks


8.95/dozen rice crispy treats
10.50/dozen fudge brownies
10.95/dozen fresh-baked cookies
chocolate chip, sugar, oatmeal raisin, peanut butter, or white chocolate macadamia
14.75/dozen cupcakes chocolate or yellow cake, frosted
19.50/dozen fresh-baked lemon bars
3.50/person double chocolate cake
2.25/person fresh-baked fruit cobbler peach or apple
3.50/person homestyle bread pudding
3.95/person banana pudding with vanilla wafers
4.25/person carrot cake with cream cheese frosting
4.25/person strawberry shortcake
44.95/each half-sheet cake — white or chocolate serves 24-36
62.95/each full-sheet cake — white, chocolate, or half-and-half serves 48-72
custom décor available for half and full sheet cakes – add 14.95